Is a highly protective, grounding and detoxifying stone (body, soul and spirit). It is eminently a good stone to wear with symptoms related to stress and stressful situations. The stone helps to relax, let go and accept, resist stressful influences and creates mental (spring) force. Smoky quartz is thus also a beneficial effect on anxiety (especially anxiety), nightmares, depression and suicidality. The stone encourages a sober, pragmatic and positive attitude and promotes concentration. Smoky quartz protects against negative (electromagnetic) radiation (such as computers, mobile phones and TV sets) and other negative influences from the environment (water veins, pollution, etc.) and helps in meditation. It is a strong grounding stone for use during or after spiritual pursuits. Physically, smoky quartz works analgesic, and detoxifying ontkrampend and has a positive effect on back pain, nerves, stomach, hips, legs, headaches and genitalia. It can also help you stop smoking.
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