Obsidian Obsidian

Obsidian is a very insightful and cleansing stone and encourages personal development (self-) understanding and clearing of baggage from the past. It brings the truth, the essence or cause of things (or disease) and repressed and buried experiences and emotions. The stone is like a mirror works and helps you discover who really is but also the less pleasant aspects of the personality to reveal. The stone reduces anxiety, blockages, traumas and limiting behavior and thinking patterns. The stone work is very powerful and the strong emotions which can overcome the fact that some (self-) knowledge can be very confrontational, sensitive people this stone better under the guidance of a therapist to use or choose another stone ( or working for a softer version as apache tears, or snowflake obsidian). Obsidian psychisische protects against attacks, reduces negative mental or spiritual influences and takes negative energy from the environment (radiation, water veins, etc.). It promotes clarity of mind and sharpens the senses. Physical works the stone analgesic, antispasmodic, stimulates digestion, detoxifies and improves circulation. The stone can also result in chronic work warming cold hands and feet.
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