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Lucky Boeddha Necklace Onyx, Turquoise and Coral with Dorje Pendant

Beautiful necklace Onyx, Turquoise and Coral with a nice Dorje Pendant

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Beautiful necklace Onyx, Turquoise and Coral with a nice Dorje Pendant

The Dorje is the symbol of enlightenment. The form of the Dorje symbolizes the two forms of truth, relative and absolute. Connecting the two truths in the middle is known as the sphere of actual reality. The outer parts of the Dorje are two discs that represent the five Buddha families, the five elements and five skandhas. In Tibetan the word Dorje "the indestructible stone. The Dorje is a spiritual weapon used to eradicate falsehood and bring truth. The Dorje is often used in a Tibetan Buddhist ritual, where it turned to an appeal to truth.

Turquoise is a very healing, cleansing and protective stone. It brings balance: Turquoise is soothing and inner peace but is also concerned with revitalizing exhaustion. It has a positive effect on depression, mood swings, apathy, and panic attacks. Turquoise is insightful and shows that you are responsible for your own happiness and is thus a victim attitude and self-destructive behavior against. It promotes creativity in solving problems, and empathy (romantic) love. Turquoise protects against negative energy radiation, influences and external substances, cleanses and brings the chakras in balance. Physically, the stone is soothing, krampopheffend, anti-inflammatory and detoxification. It supports the absorption of nutrients and has a positive effect on rheumatism, gout, stomach, eyes, immune and viral infections.

All corals in ancient Egypt, this stone for protection and love magic. Coral favors the desire for harmony and common ground and is very good for love life. It makes you careful not to allow fear and anxiety into the background disappear. The concept that best fits here is perseverance. Coral has a positive effect especially for women during menstruation. It also protects the unborn child, makes the birth easier and encourages the children to get teeth and promotes healthy growth. Menopausal women is also highly recommended coral. The high proportion of calcium in osteoporosis making sure it works. There is also a good effect on blood pressure. The construction of blood is promoted and prevent infection.
Effect on the chakras
Coral is related to the tailbone chakra. This chakra is stimulated by the Coral and leveled. Therefore you feel a lot better. The first chakra is also important for building bone and blood formation, so you can recognize good relationship with coral. Sign: Capricorn.

Onyx when you wear can help burdensome and stressful situations. The stone provides support, strength and endurance and helps you reach your goals. It is steadfast and responsible and promotes self-accomplishment. Onyx promotes analytical thinking, logic, concentration and helps to a sober and realistic attitude to take. It is a good stone for people who are easily distracted or influenced. Physical onyx has a positive effect on the hearing, nervous system, immune system, teeth, bones and feet. Constellation: Capricorn
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