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Lucky Boeddha Necklace of Agate, Coral and Pearl with a beautiful prayer box Ghau

Necklace of Agate, Coral and Pearl with a beautiful prayer box Ghau

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Necklace of Agate, Coral and Pearl with a beautiful prayer Ghau box.

Agate traditionally worn as a lucky stone, or to cure. There were also consumer items like buttons made of agate. A number of therapeutic effects attributed to garnet, ie protection during pregnancy, a headache, skin disorders, balance disorders. Agate belongs to the literature in various constellations: Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio and Gemini.

Coral Already in ancient Egypt, this stone for protection and love magic. Coral favors the desire for harmony and common purpose and is very good for love life. It makes you careful not to allow fear and anxiety into the background. The concept that best fits here is patience. Coral has a positive effect especially for women during menstruation. Moreover, it protects the unborn child, makes the birth easier and supports the children to get teeth and ensures a healthy growth. Menopausal women is also highly recommended coral. The high calcium content, it works for caring for osteoporosis. There is also a good effect on blood pressure. The construction of blood is promoted and prevent infection.
Effect on the chakras
Coral is related to the base chakra. This chakra is stimulated by the Coral and leveled. This makes you feel a lot better. The first chakra is also important for building bones and blood formation, so you can easily recognize the relationship with coral. Star sign: Capricorn.

Due to the large amounts of calcium pearl in the pearl and pearl present, he is the ideal tool to tooth decay and decalcification counter. It can promote the healing of all fractures. It is good to wear a pearl or mother during pregnancy and lactation. They are also very effective in certain forms of rheumatism. They work well with respiratory problems and asthma attacks. They improve lung function and improve breathing
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