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Lucky Boeddha Labradorite Bracelet with Black Tourmaline and Lava heart

Labradorite Bracelet with Black Tourmaline and Lava heart

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Labradorite Bracelet with Black Tourmaline and Lava heart

Labradorite is a highly protective and spiritual stone. It protects its own energy against negative environmental influences and people in your energy away. The stone of strength, (self) confidence and perseverance. It enhances intuition and psychic gifts. The stone makes contact with the subconscious and bring forgotten memories. Labradorite stimulates imagination and creativity and helps develop ideas. The stone is hypotensive and sedative, regulates metabolism and has a positive effect on colds, gout, rheumatism and eyes.

Although tourmaline tourmaline since ancient times was known in the Mediterranean, he was only in 1703 from Sri Lanka by the Dutch introduced in Western Europe. They named the new gem of a Sinhalese word "Turmali" which means "stone of mixed colors". If stones were used traditionally Rubel did - they were used as a talisman by artists, because they would increase creativity of artists.
Tourmaline has a strong cleansing and protective action. The stone brings grounding and balance in body and mind and turn negative energy, thoughts and behavior patterns into positive ones. Tourmaline cleanses the aura and the body and removes negative energy. This causes the chakras, the body and emotions into balance. This promotes relaxation, understanding, confidence, prosperity and reduce blockages, fear and adopting a slachterofferrol. Tourmaline has a special connection with plants and flowers. It promotes growth and protects against pests.

Star sign: Scorpio
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