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Lucky Boeddha Garnet and Agate Necklace with Buddha amulet

Garnet and Agate necklace with a Buddha Lucky Amulet

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Garnet and Agate necklace with a Buddha Lucky Amulet

Garnet is the perfect stone for crissisituaties and situations where life seems hopeless. The stone gives strength and energy, perseverance and endurance, confidence, willpower and vitality. It encourages hope and courage, optimism, joy and survive, Blockades, resistors, inhibitions and restrictive behavior and thinking patterns are reduced. Physical garnet increases the healing power of the body, strengthens the immune system and promotes the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, the stone and a positive effect on blood circulation, and sexual potency problems, heart and lungs.

Traditionally worn as a lucky stone, or to cure. There were also consumer products such as buttons made of agate. A number of medicinal effects attributed to agate, ie protection during pregnancy, a headache, skin disorders, balance disorders. Agate belongs to the literature by various constellations: Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio and Gemini.

Buddha amulet
Buddha amulets are made and blessed by Buddhist monks. The amulets come in many different pictures, shapes and materials. They almost all have the same property, they protect the wearer against evil, bring luck and wealth. In Thailand no one goes home without 1 or more amulets.

How to use Buddha amulet;

The amulet must always be treated with respect and love just to the amulet may have spiritual strength.
Throughout history there are certain "conduct" occur which are followed;

Wear the amulet around your neck or in your pocket of your shirt. An amulet is not less if you keep using, not in your pocket.

You can always wear the ring even in the shower or while you sleep, but make sure the amulet is not on your back but on the chest.

If you put the amulet off doing it on a high place.

It is always good for an amulet in the car example to keep the rear view mirror, in any case a higher place, to prevent danger to you and / or an accident.

Simply put: If you look for your ensure Buddha, he will care for you properly.

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